All of us have grown up loving and hating different subjects in school. But, when it comes to Mathematics, many students are disinterested in it, few love it, while most admit to being scared of it!

“Mathematics is a subject that can teach us life skills”

Yes, you have read that right! Mathematics is not only about calculations but mastery of this subject can teach us some life skills that come in handy as children grow up. Some of these are:

● Problem-solving skills
● Time management
● Self-confidence

It is all about which approach is followed to learn and understand the mathematical concepts. It is very crucial in helping the learners to get over their anxiety in the subject.

Instead of using the memorization method, educators should use the “understanding method” in their Maths class so that the learners befriend the discipline, instead of fearing it.

For example, through the teaching of real-world applications of Maths, students can feel connected with the concept, whether it is algebra, geometry, probability, or statistics.

During the covid-19 pandemic, educators are expected to instruct the students online to allow the teaching-learning process to be continuous. While any class is difficult to conduct in a fully online mode, Mathematics has the proclivity to become vapid.

Retaining students’ engagement is the focal point, so here are some strategies that truly can make the Maths class lively for the students:

Flipped-learning strategies are effective
● Using interesting and relevant videos that can simplify the abstractness of the concept
● Make it hands-on, that can help the learners to visualize the abstract concepts
Incorporating storytelling to make connections with real-world scenarios

Moreover, by instilling collaboration, frequent communication, and active learning in your classroom, you can ensure that your students receive a valuable and engaging educational experience.

Neha Kumari Prasad
(TGT Mathematics)