Since the evolution and development of humans, it is observed that the growth and prosperity of this world are dependent on an important key factor i.e., harmony. History has witnessed that the development of early civilizations was only possible when people started living together in groups. The early men lived individually facing many challenges and slowly learned how to live together. This togetherness gave birth to a settlement, and today, what we see around us is a society that is a unique result of this harmonious relationship among people. So, what is harmony in the actual sense?

According to the dictionary meaning, “Harmony is a state of mutual agreement between different individuals where they live together peacefully without any conflicts.” In other words, it is an agreement between two people or among the members of the society where each person’s perspective is accepted.

India is a diverse nation with millions of people. To make the country stronger and developed, it is very important to maintain cordial relations among the citizens of the nation.

Well, maintaining harmony is not the sole responsibility of one citizen alone, but if the same citizen tries to maintain harmony with people around him, it will generate a chain and a peaceful environment will be observed throughout the society.

In today’s time, we can observe that harmony among people is vanishing and that vacuum is occupied by hatred for each other in society. I would like to state a few reasons for the same.

To start with, there are diverse groups of people having differences and similarities among them. Harmony is maintained among these groups till the time people share similar views and opinions. The moment a difference of opinion is observed, we see rising conflicts leading to the disturbance of the maintained harmony.

In addition to the above point, if we only try to keep and impose our point in front of others without listening to their point of view, harmony gets disturbed and relationships no longer remain loveable and successful.

Furthermore, in today’s scenario, people’s relations are simply based on greed and selfish motives. Such kind of behaviour does not contribute to the peaceful existence of people. Feeling of superiority, ego, jealousy, and intolerance towards each other are also some factors that disturb the harmonious balance of this beautiful world.

We must always remember that this world is a beautiful creation of the Almighty and it can remain beautiful only if we continue to add a fuel named “peace” to it.

Maintaining harmony does not cost anything to us. It is what we speak, express, and show in society among the people. Good words, nice gestures, and polite behaviour will make us more attractive and acceptable to the society whereas harsh behaviour, rudeness, and ill-treatment of others will make us apart from the society. The best way of maintaining a harmonious relationship among people is to understand them without being judgemental in the beginning. Many times our relations do not work because we are so negative and prejudiced about the other person which restricts us to mingle with that person and develop a healthy bond.

Even at a smaller level. i.e. family level, harmony is required, between husband and wife, children and parents, among siblings, and so on.

There are some ways of how you can maintain harmony with others. If you dislike a person, do not react impulsively. Rather, think and note down the reasons for your disliking of that person. After that, note down your weaknesses and compare them with the reasons for disliking. You will find that you too have many faults. It will make it easier for you to accept the person wholeheartedly.

Be it religion, culture, region, or lingual differences, always remember that you are not the one who is perfect in all the spheres. You must always accept others without judging them. If you do so, you will find it very easy to accept and adjust among others in the society. This will, in turn, enable you to create a beautiful bond with each other.

History has observed that humans have succeeded in every condition whenever they have lived in unison. The moment they divided, they faced heavy consequences. So, stay together, grow together and maintain a harmonious relationship with everyone which will surely benefit you and the society.

Vishwajeet Pandey
TGT-Social Science