Delhi Public School, Patna East

On a 17-acre campus with full day boarding and residential facility


The latest member of the illustrious Delhi Public School Society to establish its presence in the state of Bihar is Delhi Public School, Patna East. Coming-up on a 17-acre campus, DPS, Patna East will be one of the largest campuses amongst DPS family and perhaps the largest in the state of Bihar.

Delhi Public School, Patna East has been envisaged as a micro-city in itself with a fully residential campus offering all facilities and comfort of home for students coming from the hinterland.

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DPS Patna East | Best School in Patna

Welcome to the future of education in PATNA


  • DPS Patna East celebrated its first-ever Annual Function and Fete

    The air of gaiety and festivity engulfed the premises of DPS Patna East with the celebration of its first-ever Annual Function and Fete on 21st December 2022. The theme for the Annual Day is ‘Novato [...]

  • Hundred Days Celebration (Nursery)

    Nursery students of DPS Patna East celebrated the 100th day of school by reflecting on all they’ve learned and accomplished since the beginning of the school year.

  • Cooking Without Fire – Ice-Cream (Class1)

    Fruits are an excellent source of essential vitamins and minerals, and they are high in fiber. Fruits also provide a wide range of health-boosting antioxidants. This helps to ensure the child’s healthy growth

  • Looking After My Body – Thematic Activity (Class1)

    To make the children understand that the act of self-care, which is the action of taking care of oneself, to achieve better health and well-being, a special role play activity was conducted based on the theme – Looking after my body.

  • Fruit & Veggie Farm – Major Activity (Prep)

    To make the children understand that fruits and vegetables are an essential component of a healthy diet for physical growth and sound health. Keeping this in mind, a special role play activity on ‘Fruit and Veggie Farm’


Fully English Medium

Day Boarding
Fully Residential options

Inclusion of globally
accepted & proven pedagogy

Stress on promoting
scientific temperament

Equal emphasis on developing
artistic sensibilities

Develop & promote
innovation and originality

Infuse technology
seamlessly in curriculum


Some of the outstanding features planned for the school are elaborated below.

DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL, Patna East is coming up on a 17-acre campus which is going to be one of the largest among all Delhi Public Schools. Situated amidst the sylvan surroundings the school campus will offer great opportunities to students in excelling in sports and games.

With beautifully landscaped spaces, entire campus will be segregated in separate sections with separate blocks for Junior and Senior school. All the blocks will be self-sufficient and self-sustained. Classrooms have been designed to be airy and well-lit. Each block will have its own resource centres which will include libraries, laboratories and open spaces.

Furthermore, all the classrooms will be air-conditioned to ensure that students’ study in a comfortable and ambient atmosphere.

Delhi Public School, Patna East will have the most advanced aquatic centre for children for water-based sport activities. The indoor swimming pool will be of Olympic size. Designed with advance filtration systems and heating, the swimming pool will be operational even in winters. Extra efforts have been put in to ensure international hygienic standards in the swimming pool area.

Delhi Public School, Patna East will be one of the few campuses in India offering world class hostel facility for students coming from outside. With triple-sharing rooms, the hostel will adhere to the international norms of health and hygiene for students’ welfare. Clean and hygienic kitchen will be managed by professionals from the hospitality industry and chefs with establish credentials. Wholesome meals will be served keeping in view the balanced dietary requirements of growing children. For children with special needs, food will be cooked as prescribed by their dieticians. Supervised study routines will be followed to ensure that each hostler imbibes the prescribed curriculum. This residential facility will ensure that parents from the hinterland and villages in Bihar and nearby states can send their children safely to Delhi Public School, Patna East with the knowledge that their children are safe, secure and are being provided a holistic 360 degree education.

Delhi Public School, Patna East has been planned as a day boarding school where working parents can be sure that their children are getting not only the best education but also a safe and secure environment where they can remain till evening. It goes without saying that the school will cater to the dietary needs of these day boarders.

Delhi Public School, Patna East will run its own fleet of buses. Apart from conforming to the guidelines laid down by the Supreme Court of India, all our buses will also be air-conditioned to provide a safe and comfortable commute to the day boarders. Each bus will have a teacher assigned as a supervisor and will be managed by experienced driver and conductor. The buses will be equipped with speed limiter to ensure that no over speeding takes place. To further safeguard the safety of children, our buses will be equipped with GPS tracker and parents can know the exact location of the bus. Our smart identification system will ensure that students are off-boarded only to the person assigned by their parents at the bus stop.

Most importantly since Delhi Public School, Patna East will be following the benchmark that has been established by the Delhi Public School Society and its member schools, parents can be sure that their wards are getting the best education possible in India. The standard placement policies that the Delhi Public School Society follows ensures that only the best faculty is recruited in the school.


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