Dear Parents,

I feel blessed to have been bestowed with the honour of leading Delhi Public School, Patna (East) as its ‘Founder Principal’. New beginnings bring with it multiple challenges and we at DPS, Patna(East) are well equipped to deal with it. Any educational entity trying to establish itself in the market faces multiple challenges but all misconceptions get neutralized the moment parental patronage is ensured. We at DPS, Patna (East) hope to build on this aspect and with the active involvement of our parent fraternity, hope to carve out a niche for ourselves in the times that lie ahead. It is indeed the dawn of a new era at DPS Patna (East) wherein the experience and expertise of our committed educators provide the right platform for our students to re-invent themselves and become the torch bearers for the future. We at DPS, Patna (East) aspire to cultivate a life-long passion for learning that would enable our young achievers to emerge as well-groomed global citizens of tomorrow. The plethora of activities and assessments at DPS, Patna (East) are methodically planned in such a way that it will bring out the best in our children. The campus is situated on the national highway making it easier to access for everyone who wants to be proudly associated with such an establishment of repute. Neverbefore has the campus looked so lush green and pollution-free making it the ideal destination school for every parent in the whole of Patna region. Children become the brightest and the best only when they enjoy an atmosphere of reverence for education and it is our endeavour to ensure a healthy balance of academics, sports and co-curricular activities at DPS, Patna (East). We treat our parents as partners in progress and it is their unwavering support that we solicit to ensure that DPS, Patna (East) becomes a name to reckon with in the future. My conversations with students, parents and teachers over the years have challenged me to look more closely at our raison d’être (reason for existence) which at times gets overlooked while we march forward in the quest for excellence.

We aspire to lay down such a strong foundation for effective learning that our young minds step into a world shaped by their dreams and contributions and bettered by their zeal and integrity. With a proactive parent community, we endeavour to achieve a shared goal of helping our students achieve their academic potential in a school environment that is respectful, motivating, and challenging.

We are a school with a difference! We value individualism, creativity and innovation and strive to nurture them in our students. We firmly believe that Education is a partnership between the parents and the institution with a common goal and vision – to impart the best to our children in the most favourable and welcoming ambience. It is not just about enrolling the child in the best school or system, but an inherent involvement at every stage of their development in school.

I invite all our students and parents for an eventful odyssey of knowledge and learning and look forward to your valuable contribution in making a difference to our society and our nation. All this would not have been possible without the active support of the Management, Staff and the Parents of our school, for which I am grateful.

(Dr. Prashant Vasudev)
Founder Principal